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PRITI CHANDRIANI studied Mass Communications at Temple University, Philadelphia, U.S.A. Her student films, Glasshouses (about mime artists), Kendo (a film about a form of martial art combined with meditation) and What is Art (a satire on Art ) set her in the direction of making off-beat but thought-provoking films. After a brief stint at Kero-TV 23, Bakersfield (CBS Affiliate) where she directed Focus, a weekly show and many television commercials, she returned to India and joined Rediffusion. Soon, she started making commercials, serials and documentaries independently. Her documentaries, in particular, have been greatly appreciated and widely screened at International Film Festivals and on various television channels. She is currently an Office-bearer of the IDPA (Indian documentary producers’ association)

Currently working on a documentary on the supernatural.

Research in Progress : A documentary on honour killings in India.
A documentary about Women Prisoners